He was Klaus Claus, Santa Claus’ brother: German singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko was eliminated in the semi-finals of the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” on Saturday evening. The pop singer – dressed as Santa Claus’ brother – then complained to singer and advice team member Rea Garvey, who was correct with his tip, that his spotty English skills had been skewered. Bendzko accepted the criticism of his pronunciation with a smile. “It was very tiring being under the costume, but it was a lot of fun,” said the 38-year-old. Klaus Claus, whose costume consisted mostly of a beard, was the first to sing “Stronger (What doesn’t kill you)” on Saturday evening ” by Kelly Clarkson. For Rea Garvey, the peculiar English pointed to her colleague Tim Bendzko. Ruth Moschner guessed pop singer Mickie Krause, comedian Rick Kavanian guessed Gregor Gysi.

In the rate show, which is based on South Korea, celebrities appear as singers wearing elaborately oversized costumes. Some are professionals, others have a passion for music. The celebrities are unmasked as soon as they don’t get enough votes or win at the very end.

In the final on December 23rd, the favorites are the Ice Princess, the Lulatsch, the Troll and the Mustang. The ice princess initially won a three-way battle against Lulatsch and Klaus Claus – and moved into the next episode of the music show as the first finalist with the most audience votes. Klaus Claus still had to worry. His second song “Let it Snow” by Dean Martin obviously didn’t reach the audience’s hearts. In the end he had to admit defeat against the Mustang. The wild horse thrilled with hits from Guns ‘n’ Roses and Kenny Loggins and got the last ticket to the final.

Before Bendzko, the actor Uwe Ochsenknecht, who appeared as a Kiwi, was unmasked. Other participants in the current series included the singer Katja Ebstein, the model Eva Padberg and the journalist Jenke von Wilmsdorff.