Nadja Benaissa was the cheerful elf Elgonia: The 42-year-old No Angels singer was eliminated in the semi-finals of the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” on Saturday evening. She didn’t get enough votes from the audience – so her mask had to come off.

The best thing was getting to know all the people, Benaissa said shortly after the decision. That evening, pop singer Jan Delay (47) puzzled over which celebrities were hiding behind the masks with presenter Palina Rojinski and comedian Rick Kavanian. He had guessed all the No Angels at Elgonia – the audience as well as Rojinski and Kavanian were exactly right with their guess.

In the quiz show “The Masked Singer”, based on South Korea, celebrities appear as singers but hide their true identities behind large costumes. Only her voice and mysterious clues give any idea who is on stage. Normally they are exposed if they get too few votes from the audience – or end up winning the final. The tenth season is currently running.

Since the current season of ProSieben’s music hit, there has been a new guest star in every episode who, as a mystery, shows off his singing skills on “The Masked Singer”. On Saturday another “mystery” was solved: Ireen Sheer sang under the mask.

The audience and Rick Kavanian guessed the German-British pop singer. The 75-year-old musician became known with the titles “Goodbye Mama” and “Fire,” among others. On Saturday she sang “Moon River” by Andy Williams.

In the previous episodes, opera star Rolando Villazon, singer and presenter Giovanni Zarrella, Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann and pop singer Vanessa Mai were behind the masks.

The mask is a new feature in the current season of the format. Up until now, the costumes had always been assigned to a specific celebrity. If a mask received too few votes, it was eliminated from the competition. The “mystery” sings outside of the regular competition.

The final doesn’t run for two weeks on May 18th. There the flip-flops, the flea and the crocodile sing for victory.