The house blessing at the Presleys has been completely straightened out again after the out-of-court settlement in the inheritance dispute, the US media recently reported. In a new interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”, Priscilla Presley (78) added that he was never wrong. At least a surprising statement after the mother of Lisa Marie Presley (1968-2023), who died in early 2023, had challenged her will in court. In it – supposedly surprising for Priscilla – her granddaughter Riley Keough (34) was appointed as the sole administrator of the estate.

“Riley is now the executor, which is right given that she is [Lisa Marie’s ed.] daughter,” said Priscilla Presley. She doesn’t want to know anything about an alleged dispute with her granddaughter, which has been reported in the national and international press in recent months: “Riley and I get along well. We never got along well together.” Instead, the topic was stylized by the public into a tangible family dispute. “In fact, I’m going to meet her for dinner tonight,” asserts the 78-year-old.

Riley Keough also recently voiced conciliatory words in an interview with “Vanity Fair”. However, one does not read from their interview that there were no quarrels. The relationship with her grandmother is complicated and her mother’s death has led to “a lot of chaos” in the family. “Everyone was a little bit panicky because they couldn’t understand what was going on and it just took a minute to understand the details of the situation because it’s complicated. We’re a family but our family has too a big business site.”

But then she also comes to the conclusion: “There was a bit of an uproar, but now everything will be as it was. Everything that suggests otherwise in the press makes me sad.” Ultimately, her grandmother wanted to “love and protect the Presley family and legacy.”

Lisa Marie Presley died on January 12, 2023 at the age of 54 from complications of a small bowel obstruction. Shortly after her death, Priscilla Presley contested her daughter’s will. She contested a 2016 amendment that removed her as co-trustee and instead named Keough and her now-deceased brother Benjamin. After months of argument, Keough agreed to give her grandmother $1 million, as well as $400,000 to cover legal fees.

The inheritance dispute officially came to an end last week. As reported by the US site “Deadline”, among others, Riley Keough was appointed sole administrator of the estate. This decision was finally confirmed on Friday (August 4) before the Los Angeles Superior Court. The actress thus owns all of her late mother’s possessions – including the world-famous Graceland estate.