Priscilla Presley (78) is certain: Elvis Presley (1935-1977) would be happy with the agreement in the dispute over the inheritance of their daughter Lisa Marie. This was announced by the rock ‘n’ roll star’s ex-wife via People magazine. “My daughter’s death was both devastating and heartbreaking,” she wrote. “We’ve learned that the fans recognize that we’re just family. Elvis would be proud and his wishes and Lisa’s are the most important thing to all of us.”

Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis and Priscilla’s only child, died of heart failure on January 12, 2023. After the death, a conflict arose between Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley Keough (34) about her inheritance. The actress was named trustee of the estate in her mother’s will. Her grandmother complained about that. Among other things, it is about Graceland and a 15 percent stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough had already settled out of court in May. Now the details of the deal have been made public. Presley receives $1 million from her daughter’s estate. She will also be reimbursed $400,000 in legal fees. In return, she waives further claims.

Priscilla Presley now describes the argument to “People” as “misunderstandings” that have now been resolved as a family. Her granddaughter “worked diligently and tirelessly together with my team” to clarify the misunderstandings.