Princess Kate (42) made her cancer public in a touching Instagram message on Friday (March 22nd). In it she spoke about the “big shock” that the diagnosis had been and that she and her husband Prince William (41) had done everything in their power “to process and cope with this privately in the interests of our young family.” . She also talked about the difficult situation when she brought the diagnosis to her children.

It took time “to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that was appropriate for them and to reassure them that I would be fine,” explained Kate. She would have told her children “that I am doing well and that I am getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that help me become healthy – in my mind, my body and my soul.”

Kate is said to have deliberately chosen March 22nd for the public announcement. According to the British Daily Mail, Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) were released from Lambrook School in Bracknell on this day for their Easter holidays. The children can therefore spend the next few weeks at home with their mother and be shielded from the many news surrounding the cancer diagnosis.

As “Page Six” reports, Prince William is said to have learned of his wife’s cancer diagnosis at the end of February shortly before the memorial service in honor of his godfather, the former Greek King Constantine II (1940-2023). He had canceled his participation in the event at short notice; at the time, Kensington Palace only gave the reason for “personal matters”. Afterwards, the rumor mill was ignited and there was speculation about how the cancellation was related to Kate’s health after her abdominal surgery. The wildest conspiracy theories were circulating online.

The cancer was discovered after Kate underwent abdominal surgery at the London clinic in January. Kate reports in her video that the operation was “successful.” Tests after the operation finally revealed that she had cancer. “My medical team therefore advised me to undergo preventative chemotherapy and I am now in the early stages of this treatment.”

As “People” reports, Prince William recently appeared brave in public despite the blows of fate in his family. On March 14, he was present at the Diana Legacy Awards ceremony at the Science Museum in London. “He said it was great to hear all the amazing things the young people were doing,” Tessy Ojo, executive director of the Diana Award, told US magazine about her encounter with the royal that evening. “Knowing now that he struggled with so much, it’s reassuring that he was in a place where there was so much positivity,” Ojo says. “You need hope and positivity when faced with such bad news and that’s what the event was about.”

Prince William’s brother Prince Harry (39) and his wife Duchess Meghan (42) declared in a statement after Kate’s cancer diagnosis was announced, which was quoted by “The Sun”, among others: “We wish Kate and her family health and healing and hope that they can do this in peace and quiet.” The couple is said to have contacted Kate “privately” after the announcement, as the Daily Mail reports. They are said to have found out about the diagnosis at the same time as the public. “They had no idea and only found out about the news when the rest of the world heard about it,” an insider told the New York Post. This is said to be due to the two’s broken relationship with Harry’s family.

King Charles (75), who is currently battling cancer, said through Buckingham Palace that he was “very proud” of Kate “for having the courage to speak out like she did.” It was also said about William and Harry’s father that he was “in close contact with his beloved daughter-in-law”, as reported by the “BBC”, among others. Charles and Camilla “will continue to provide the whole family with their love and support during this difficult time.”