Princess Kate (42) made her cancer diagnosis public on March 22nd. The sick wife of Prince William (41) shared the shocking news with the world in a moving video message. Kate wrote the content of this message “very quickly herself”, as a good friend of the Princess of Wales now revealed to the British “Daily Mirror”. Kate’s goal was to “suppress further gossip and speculation about health” with her bold step.

“It was all from her, she wrote every word, it came together very quickly,” the unnamed friend continued to reveal to the British newspaper. The wife of the heir to the English throne decided to go public with her illness because “she is a public person and has greater leadership responsibility.”

Your message is particularly addressed to all those who have not attached any importance to the gossip and conspiracy theories that have been circulating in recent weeks.

Attentive observers of Kate’s video message did not fail to notice that a special message in the background of the picture is intended to give courage to other sufferers and those affected by cancer. Yellow daffodils can be seen behind the park bench where Princess Kate sits and speaks.

The daffodil is used as a symbol by cancer organizations around the world. It is said to give hope to those who are fighting cancer, because the plant blooms in spring and therefore represents rebirth and new beginnings. She is also associated with resilience and confidence, as the US magazine “People” reports.

Meanwhile, on the evening of March 23, Princess Kate and her husband said they were “very touched” by the numerous supportive messages they received following the announcement of the Princess’s cancer diagnosis. Kate and William are “very touched by the public’s warmth and support and are grateful for their understanding of their request for privacy at this time,” said a statement from Kensington Palace, reported by the BBC.