Although they are still very young, Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) are apparently dealing with their mother’s cancer very well. As an insider revealed to “People” magazine, the three young royals are a special support for the sick Princess Kate (42). “The children’s extraordinary resilience is encouraging,” reports a long-time family friend in the current cover story.

During this difficult time, the three young royals would “cheer up” their mom with their smiles. Additionally, the insider added, “It’s very important that they have fun together when they can.” He also confirmed what was already clear in Kate’s statement about her illness: “The children are at the center of their world,” said the family friend about Prince William (41) and his wife.

As “People” further reports, the time at which Kate announced that she had cancer was also chosen for the benefit of the children. She waited to make the public announcement until the children could stay home from school over the Easter holidays. Accordingly, the three will not return to class until later in April so that the family can have more time for themselves. “We now understand the logic of the timing – wait until the children have a break from school. And she hit the perfect tone,” US journalist and royal biographer Sarah Bedell Smith (75) told People.

On March 22nd, Princess Kate addressed the public with a personal video message. In it, she explained that she is currently undergoing “preventive chemotherapy” after tests following her surgery in January revealed cancer. Together with William, she took the time to explain everything to her children in an appropriate manner and to reassure them that she would get well again. “As I told you before, I’m doing well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that help me heal: my mind, my body and my soul.”