Princess Kate (41) left her husband Prince William (40) on the exercise bike. The Prince of Wales and his wife visited a fitness center as part of a tour of South Wales. According to media reports, they found out there how sport can improve people’s well-being and mental health.

The royal couple was also allowed to be active in sports themselves. On exercise bikes, William and Kate competed in a 40-second race. Both visibly knelt in their challenge. Kate started off strong, and William caught up as viewers in the background shouted “your wife is faster.” The Prince of Wales and his wife are generally known for their love of competition.

After 40 seconds, Kate was declared the winner. She even received a small trophy. In a story on Instagram, the royals posted a video of the competition, albeit without the exit.

Kate’s victory is all the more remarkable because she pedaled on the bike in high heels. She also had to push her long hair back from her face again and again. She was also wearing a long skirt. According to observers, it is said to be a copy that can be bought from the fashion chain Zara for only 20 British pounds (about 23 euros). The princess regularly shops for clothes from cheaper brands.