Must be King Charles III. (74) Let Prince Harry (39) stay at Kensington Palace on his next visit to Great Britain? According to a British media report, the royal family has rejected such speculation.

The rumors apparently relate to alleged discussions about the Duke of Sussex’s role as Councilor of State. The 39-year-old is one of seven members of the royal family who could theoretically represent the monarch when he is abroad or sick.

As the “Daily Mail” reports, among others, state councilors must by law have a home in Great Britain. But Prince Harry, who emigrated to the USA with his wife, Duchess Meghan (42), in 2020, currently has no residence in his British homeland. At the beginning of the year, the Sussexes had to vacate their Windsor property, Frogmore Cottage. Apparently that’s what King Charles wanted.

According to the new speculation, due to the Council of State problem at court, people are now reportedly considering renting an apartment on a royal estate to Harry and Meghan. Palace sources reportedly told the Sunday Times that one option was an apartment in Kensington Palace.

As the Daily Mail reports, a friend of Charles’s reportedly told The Times: “The King can see that removing Harry as Councilor of State would be seen as an act of hostility and he doesn’t want to do that.” It could therefore be a “sensible measure” to set up an apartment for Harry on a royal estate. However, this idea was apparently quickly rejected. Buckingham Palace told the newspaper: “These allegations are not true.”

The state councilors currently include Queen Camilla (76), heir to the throne Prince William (41), Prince Harry, Prince Andrew (63), Andrew’s daughter Princess Beatrice (35), Prince Edward (59) and Princess Anne (73).

In addition to Prince Harry, it is also considered practically impossible that Charles’ brother Prince Andrew will ever take over as his representative. The Duke of York also no longer works for the royals. He had to withdraw from his public duties because of his alleged connection to US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019).