Anne (Claudia Michelsen) is a swimming coach and talent scout. She trains her niece Julie (Anna-Lena Schwing) for the state championship with great enthusiasm. This often leads to her clashing with her sister Miriam (Karin Hanczewski). Miriam believes that Anne is too much for her daughter because she gave up her swimming career many years ago under unclear circumstances. At her mother Inge’s (Eleonore Weisgerber) 65th birthday party, there is another argument and a long-kept family secret threatens to come to the surface.

The environment and nature conservation are an important task for the federal and state governments. Despite the important task, many projects often end up on the air because they are unfortunately all too often implemented ineffectively. “The Wildest Cases” presents the craziest cases of taxpayer money being wasted in order to draw attention to exactly the grievances.

When his passenger plane crashes and there seems to be no rescue, Captain Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) regains control with an almost unbelievable maneuver. He makes an emergency landing and saves many lives. Whip is celebrated as a hero because everyone knows that no one but him could have landed the plane. But then the investigation into the crash sheds new light on the lifesaver. Whip has something to hide. Uncomfortable questions are asked and he has to decide: between the lie that will save his reputation or a painful truth that requires a lot of courage.

Richard Breiderhoff (Hannes Wegener) is accused of killing his wife. Meanwhile, Anna Springer (Rita Russek) has a blind date with Richard’s brother. However, he has evil in mind. When Anna finds out who he really is, he locks her in a cellar. Karsten (Peter Davor) urges her to call Georg Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) so that he can prove Richard’s innocence. Wilsberg immediately notices that Anna is in danger and sets out to find the hiding place.

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wages war against terror: He hunts the unscrupulous financial shark Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), who speculates with bloody money from a terrorist organization – and miscalculates. In order to get back his millions of customers, Le Chiffre takes part in a shady, extremely rich poker game in Montenegro’s “Casino Royale”. 007 is introduced as a teammate and is supposed to win. But Bond falls in love with his money messenger Vesper from the Treasury and is lured into a trap.