A terrible accident occurs during a daughter-father fishing trip between Neiss (Patrick Kalupa) and Lea (Maj Borchardt). Mimi (Lea Freund), the leader of the excursion, is seriously injured in the face by an incorrectly thrown fishing hook. Neiss provides first aid and accompanies Mimi to the Förde Hospital, where she needs quick surgery. As the best reconstructive surgeon in the world, he offers his services – which was initially met with vehement rejection by his opponent Dr. Schmidtke (Maximilian Grill) comes across.

What begins as a completely normal murder investigation becomes increasingly widespread: Magnus Rosponi, a shopping addict, is found beaten to death in his apartment. But neither his cheerful bowling friends nor Silke Haller (ChrisTine Urspuch), who recognizes the dead man as a youth crush, can explain why the popular man had to die. Instead, Professor Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) finds a strange, small object in the corpse. At the same time, Thiel (Axel Prahl) discovers amorous entanglements.

The brave warrior Raya wants to protect her homeland of Kumandra from an evil force. That’s why she goes in search of a legendary dragon who, as the last of his kind, could restore peace in the land. On her adventurous journey she has to face a number of challenges together with her faithful companion Tuk Tuk, because the fate of Kumandra lies in her hands.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” wishes you a Happy Pentecost again this year with a two-part surprise special. This time too, eight candidates are playing in the selection round for the chance to win the million from Günther Jauch. Everyone who makes it to the “hot seat” will receive a special Pentecost surprise that can be a big help as the game progresses.

US Army veteran Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) has money problems. He reluctantly accepts his adoptive criminal brother Danny’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) offer to rob a bank. Supposedly the crooks are in for millions of dollars in loot. The coup doesn’t go according to plan and the two have to flee in an ambulance. They have no idea that an injured police officer is being treated there.