Tanja Möppen (Franziska Ferrari) is found dead in the cold room of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Leer. The police officers Süher Özlügül (Sophie Dal) and Henk Cassens (Maxim Mehmet) have to clarify whether it was an accident or cold murder. Restaurant owner Claudia Luirs (Adina Vetter) and her brother and sommelier, Sören Luirs (Simon Zagermann), are shocked. Who could want to harm their sous chef? Tanja was popular with everyone, only the competing top chef Florian Oisterkamp (Christian Clauß) didn’t begrudge her success.

No eye stays dry when Barbara Schöneberger presents the funny hidden camera films in which celebrities and non-celebrities were either used as decoys or were lured into the trap themselves. Included are, among others, Thomas Gottschalk, Beatrice Egli, Sally Özcan, Stephanie Stumph, Thomas Heinze and Toni Polster.

When Lewis’ (Owen Vaccaro) parents die, he moves in with his uncle Jonathan (Jack Black) in his strange house. A house in which many clocks tick at the same time, furniture moves and pictures exchange themselves – and then there is the cranky neighbor Mrs. Zimmermann (Cate Blanchett). Lewis quickly realizes that there is magic involved everywhere and that there is a battle between good and evil. With the help of his uncle and his neighbor, he tries to prevent the impending end of the world.

Five animals join together to form an unbeatable gangster gang and pull off one coup after the next. Until one day they are caught during one of their raids. In order to avoid ending up in prison, the villains only have one choice: they have to leave their gangster life behind them once and for all. However, this isn’t so easy for Mr. Wolf’s team.

In this edition, comedians Kaya Yanar and Paul Panzer compete against each other in a direct duel in up to 15 rounds. Who demonstrates fighting spirit and fitness? Who shows brains and skill? The winner will receive a prize of 100,000 euros. Elton leads the evening, Ron Ringguth comments.