It has been known since January that actress Jana Schölermann (36) and presenter Thore Schölermann (39) will become parents again. But the couple had not yet revealed the gender of their second baby. However, on Saturday (April 6th) the pregnant woman accidentally let it slip that it would be a boy. However, the actress and voice actress reacts calmly to her unforeseen revelation.

In her Instagram story, Jana Schölermann actually just wanted to talk about the fact that she was having a family photoshoot with a baby bump done by a photographer friend. “During my last pregnancy, I really wanted a typical, somewhat cheesy and naked studio shoot. This time I didn’t feel like doing that at all.” Nevertheless, she wanted to have a picture of her stomach and her daughter Ilvi (2) taken, after all it would never happen again. In this context, she mentioned that Ilvi was posing with her “little brother”.

Shortly afterwards she spoke up again with an Instagram story. “My memory is actually like a sieve during pregnancy.” She received “a lot of messages” that she had just casually revealed the gender of the baby. “In fact, I told Thore: Don’t let yourself spill the beans by accident. And now I’m spilling the beans.”

But she doesn’t seem to find that so dramatic. She didn’t intend to “do any of that gender reveal nonsense” anyway. She wanted to “get the news out with a nice post” at some point, but now it’s out. “Yes, now I’ve given myself away.” And then she added, beaming: “Yes, it’s going to be a boy, and we’re really happy. And Ilvi is happy too.” Husband Thore also probably has no problem with the early announcement. He even referenced his wife’s video on his Instagram page, adding, “The end of the story is a highlight.”

Jana and Thore Schölermann met in 2010 on the set of the ARD series “Verbotene Liebe”, in which they both appeared for several years. The couple married in September 2019. Their daughter was born in December 2021. On January 14, 2024, the couple announced their new pregnancy in a joint Instagram posting.