Pop star Miley Cyrus (30) amazed her fans when she announced in May this year that she no longer wanted to tour. The 30-year-old is currently looking back on her life in her new TikTok series “Used to Be Young”. In part six of this series, Cyrus has now explained in more detail and justified what reservations she has about touring.

According to her, her stage performances require “a certain amount of ego” which she says “is overused when I’m on tour”. After her performances in front of a live audience, it was difficult for the singer to come down from this. “For me, training your ego to be active every single night is the hardest switch to turn off,” Cyrus said.

The “Flowers” hitmaker also feels that audience scrutiny on tour is “not healthy” because it would “wipe out their humanity and their connection.” However, she would give those two things “priority” because without them she “couldn’t be a songwriter”.

It’s been almost nine years since Miley Cyrus’ last major world tour. In 2014, her “Bangerz Tour” took her to a total of 78 shows on three continents. Since then, however, the singer has only performed sporadically and within North and South America, at festivals such as Lollapalooza.

Back in May, Cyrus, who released her new album Endless Summer Vacation earlier this year, told British Vogue: “Singing to hundreds of thousands of people isn’t something I really love. There’s no connection, none Security.”

Shortly thereafter, she specified her statements on X (formerly Twitter). There the pop star wrote: “To be clear: I feel more connected to my fans than ever.” That also applies if you don’t see them “every night at a concert”.