Millie Bobby Brown became known through “Stranger Things” and can be seen in the Netflix series “Enola Holmes 2”. The star was put in the lie detector chair by Variety. And of course the topic of kissing was followed up. Because Holmes had already left out about the kissing scenes in “Stranger Things”. Apparently, partner Finn Wolfhard’s kisses were just as awkward as they looked on screen. At the time, she said harshly, “His kisses suck.”

Brown was excited before the test. As an actress, it’s her job to lie. The detector was operated by a specialist with more than 30 years of professional experience, there was no chance of fibbing or even dodging. The kisses were a through ball for the detector test. “Vanity” Fair asked, “Is Finn just a lousy kisser?” Millie Bobby Brown answered like a shot: “It’s him!” Apparently from the depths of my soul, the detector confirmed the truthfulness.

The agony didn’t end for Finn Wolfhard, who was not present. The Vanity Fair reporter hypocritically asked, “So he hasn’t improved?” Brown replied, “Not with me! No!” And again the lie detector showed that she was telling the truth. She didn’t admit it to him at the time. Brown didn’t have a guilty conscience that Wolfhard would see the test. “It’s okay,” she said.

It won’t hit the 18-year-old that badly. He even made fun of his kissing style in an interview. The awkward smooching isn’t the highlight of the kissing technique, but it is precisely the awkward, awkward approach of the two that makes these scenes so appealing.