According to a survey by the market and opinion research institute YouGov, which was carried out on behalf of WEB.DE and , 46 percent of Germans still prefer a paper calendar – only 33 percent of those surveyed prefer to use the scheduler on their smartphone. But why is it that so many people in the digital age still prefer an analogue calendar that they hang on the wall at home? The justification is actually very simple: because it is easier to deal with it (together). Especially when it comes to keeping an eye on all the family’s appointments. If you are still looking for a new wall calendar for 2024, you will find below an overview of different models for different needs.

If you sometimes feel like you’re getting lost, a simple wall calendar can help you plan your year better. The 97 x 67 centimeter poster offers the advantage that you can see all days, weeks and months at once – from December 2020 to January 2022. All important public holidays and vacation dates have already been entered for you in advance, so that you only have to enter your have to add personal appointments.

The classic from Herlitz offers the advantage that you always have three months in a row in view. You can use the movable box to mark the current day, which is why the 3-month wall calendar is particularly popular in everyday office life. But in contrast to a normal wall calendar, you don’t have the opportunity to enter your own notes on the paper – you always have a clear view of the individual days.

If you have children, you will usually never get by with one line per day – especially not if you also have to accommodate your own appointments in the calendar. Here, however, there is a very practical solution: a family planner with five columns. This gives you the opportunity to enter the most important dates of your children, those of your partner and also your own in the calendar. But there are also other models with two or three columns.

For people whose appointments are constantly changing, a washable wall calendar is a better alternative: instead of crossing out and overwriting canceled, postponed or rescheduled appointments, you can easily erase your words on each line and enter a new appointment. In order for the whole thing to work, however, you also need the appropriate water-soluble foil pens.

Even if you can share a digital calendar with your partner, many couples still attach great importance to an analogue monthly planner. Here, both parties can arrange their appointments together and enter them in the couple’s calendar, so that each of you can always keep an eye on the most important overlaps such as vacations, family celebrations, anniversaries or birthdays.

If you don’t attach importance to the appointment planner hanging on the wall in a visible place, a desk calendar is a good idea: The practical thing about it is that you don’t have to write while standing – the planner also doubles as a sturdy desk pad. You can even enter whole notes in this calendar, as it has an extra column for this. And if you change your mind, you can also hang this model up.

If you prefer to have the calendar in the visible area to keep an eye on your appointments, a desk calendar is a good idea. Although you only see one or two weeks at a time here, you can turn the pages in no time at all if you need to check something or look it up. There is ample writing space for each day, so you can add personal notes here too.

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