An accident that was as worrying as it was unbelievable occurred on Tuesday morning (September 19th) at the airport in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) – with a prominent witness, as has now become known. Joachim Llambi (59), known to most TV viewers as a strict judge on the celebrity dance show “Let’s Dance” on RTL, describes on his official Instagram account a collision between two planes on the runway – he was a passenger in one of them .

Regarding a picture that he seems to have taken from his seat through the window, Llambi writes: “Shortly before take-off in Palma, another plane rams us with its wing (hole in the fuselage – photo). Police, fire brigade, dozens of employees “At the airport, everyone was standing around our plane.”

An incident with serious consequences for Llambi’s busy schedule, as he fumes: “After an hour and a half on the runway, we were towed away and now the plane is supposed to leave in eight hours. Such chaos, all my appointments are gone!!! From Condor, No trace anywhere, no employees in Palma. Bad crisis mode…” In usual Llambi style, he also found clear words when choosing his hashtags – among other things, he labeled his post “idiot”.

As RTL further reports, in addition to Llambi, there were more than 260 people on board the rammed plane, a Condor jet, which was about to make its way to Frankfurt. Apparently no one was injured in the collision. However, both aircraft are said to have suffered damage that makes them impossible to use for the time being. It also says that the replacement flight to Frankfurt will not take off until 5:45 p.m. – Mr. Llambi probably won’t even award a point for this service…