the World’s best sailing in 2019 called Anne-Marie Rindom. The titles as european champion and world champion has done, that she was named the world’s best across all boat classes, there is in sailing.

the Coach called Piotr Wojewski, and he is nominated for the prize as this Year’s Coach 2019, as B. T. awards along with the consulting Coachers.

the History of cooperation between the two starts in 2013, where Piotr Wojewski comes as the national coach for the type of boat used Laser Radial, and thus Anne-Marie Rindom.

Quickly gave the results.

With Piotr Wojewski behind him, won the Anne-Marie Rindom WORLD cup gold in 2015 and the OLYMPICS-bronze in 2016, before it is was for a totally successful 2019, when the OLYMPICS in Tokyo is facing the door on the other side of the nytårsskiftet.

“We have much, much respect for his work,” tells the team he will play in the Danish Sailing association Thomas Jacobsen.

“The most important aspect is that Piotr has been able to take a known way of sailing – something technique from the boys-the universe – and get it implemented in the girl-the universe over the last five years. He was one of the first to it, and for the girls it’s technically a completely different way to sail on. It has really paid off now,” he continues.

From ‘Russian’ to the scandinavian

For Piotr Wojewski, it has to come to Denmark to work with the female sailors have also been something he has had to get used to.

“If you have worked with the poles in the past, you will proceed, that it is any more cash types. It leans up at the Russian school,” says Thomas Jacobsen.

Therefore, it was also a collaboration, which had a little småvanskeligheder in the beginning, says Anne-Marie Rindom.

“It was both, that you got an English speaking coach and would understand everything. But it was such that he had a different attitude to how much and how hard you have to train. It was different to start with,” she says.

Both Anne-Marie Rindom and Thomas Jacobsen emphasises, however, how Piotr Wojewski has taken the scandinavian culture itself.

He has changed little, in its way, to look at, while Anne-Marie Rindom and the other sailors also passed on his ideas.

“He has also had to evolve, and to evolve together through the seven years. We compliment each other well,” says Anne-Marie Rindom.

“You don’t need to say what you think or feel, for just as soon as we come down to the harbour in the morning, with we good, what mood the other is in the. In this cooperation you almost have to be one.”

“You are working towards the same goal, so you must be on the same wavelength. And I think it is one of the things that’s great about our collaboration,” she says.

Since Piotr Wojewski has come as the Danish national coach, he’s been married and had a baby with a Swedish woman and settled in Ystad.

Thomas Jacobsen is not late to recommend other sports federations in denmark to contact them if you are considering a foreign coach.

“I think it is a problem we often see with foreign coaches. That the purely cultural is able to adapt to the place you come across, is one of the reasons why you succeed with the agenda they have. If there are other Totobo foreign coaches to Denmark, they will be able to spar with Piotr and get a lot out of it,” he says.

An additional relationship

Exactly the relationship between the coach and the athlete is in this relationship something different than you see in the håndboldens or cyklingens the world, where the national coach only has the athletes to do a few times a year.

Piotr Wojewski and Anne-Marie Rindom has about 200 travel days a year together.

In the first time they spent a lot of time together also outside of the training.

“Neither he nor I were accustomed to travel so much. So there were made a lot of things together in the evening, went out to eat and such. He is in love with golf, so we have been with him, while he also has been with us in the gym.”

Now they have two, however, turned down a little for the activities together. Simply to keep the work between them as well as possible.

“It is not because we do not like each other, but we are just so much together, that you have to try to keep it somewhat divided, so it is not too much.”

It almost sounds like an extra relationship, you need to keep track of?

“Well, it’s the closest too,” laughs Anne-Marie Rindom.

the Winner of this Year’s Coach of 2019 will be announced on Thursday 5. december. In the days leading up to the awards you can read portraits of all four nominees.