An era is coming to an end: After more than 30 years and 4,500 broadcasts together, “RTL Aktuell” veterans Peter Kloeppel (65) and Ulrike von der Groeben (66) are saying goodbye to the popular news program in the summer. What Kloeppel had already revealed in a “Stern” interview was also confirmed by his broadcaster RTL via Instagram on Tuesday evening. Many of the two’s companions commented on the end of the “RTL Aktuell” faces in the corresponding post.

Fellow moderator Frauke Ludowig (60), for example, writes that she will “miss them every evening”: “I love them.” Her colleague Andreas Wendt, known as a beauty expert from his RTL show “Salonretter”, also speaks out. Kloeppel and von der Groeben wrote “television history”. For him, for example, the 24/7 reporting on September 11, 2001 will “never be forgotten” to this day. The two represent “decades of calm reporting”.

Moderator Maik Meuser (48), who has been the main representative for Peter Kloeppel at “RTL Aktuell” since 2015, writes about his colleagues: “Great role models. It will be strange …” Also Charlotte Maihoff (41), who has been there since 2017 Also in Kloeppel’s representative team, who is allowed to present the news program, explains: “If you can call something an era in German TV, it would be these two!” In addition, Kloeppel and von der Groeben are “absolutely great and relaxed colleagues”.

“Extra – Das RTL Magazine” presenter Mareile Höppner (46) is already talking about a “big miss”. A piece of television history goes with the two of them. But celebrities who don’t come directly from the RTL universe also have their say. The former “Lindenstrasse” star Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum (46) writes that she was mainly accompanied by Ulrike von der Groeben when she moved to Cologne as a 12-year-old to play Iffi Zenker in the cult series. Back then, von der Groeben consoled her about her homesickness.

In the “Stern” interview, Kloeppel previously announced that he wanted to spend more time with his American wife Carol and their daughter in the USA in the future. That’s why he has already reduced his stakes in recent years: “That was nice. Now it’s going to be even nicer.” After his last broadcast in August, he will still take on individual projects, but no more daily presentations.

Ulrike von der Groeben is also quoted in the RTL post. Accordingly, the decision was “more than difficult” for her, but after almost 40 years at the station it was now time to “say goodbye.” Nevertheless, saying goodbye is easier for her because she is leaving with Kloeppel and they still have until August to get used to it.

In 1992, Peter Kloeppel took over the position of anchorman from RTL icon Hans Meiser (1946-2023), who then devoted himself to other TV projects. Around three years earlier, in 1989, Ulrike von der Groeben joined “RTL Aktuell” and has been presenting the sports news there as the main presenter ever since.