Spending the pre-Christmas season without an Advent calendar is possible, but joyless. Pampering yourself with a calendar is easy. Giving other people joy is less important. And because that’s the case, in November many people are desperately looking for a suitable Advent calendar with which they can surprise their loved ones. If you feel the same way, the stern quiz will reveal helpful inspiration in just a few minutes. So sit back and click through so that you can spend the pre-Christmas period less brooding and more with mulled wine and cookies.

Note: If the quiz didn’t give you the answers you wanted, don’t worry. We took the trouble to write down which Advent calendars women, men and children are happy about. We have also tested numerous Advent calendars, for example the Flaconi Advent calendar for men and women, the Rituals Advent calendar or the Amazon spirits Advent calendar and the MyMüsli Advent calendar. Of course, we have also put together Advent calendars for beer, wine or whiskey lovers.

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