Presenter and singer Ina Müller (58) finds it difficult to imagine jumping into the serious field. “Moderating boring, humorless formats wouldn’t be my thing. I wouldn’t be able to stand it, I wouldn’t enjoy it and I would even go so far as to say I couldn’t do it at all,” Müller told dpa. “I really wouldn’t be suitable for news. I probably couldn’t even convey the weather confidently.”

The cheerful Hamburger, who is known for her relaxed conversation on the ARD show “Inas Nacht”, is generally very easy to make laugh, as she says. “I’m easily amused and I also like the simple fart jokes. That’s enough for me and I laugh my ass off.”

Müller: Pointing finger humor bores me

However, there is a type of humor that she doesn’t like at all. “I notice that the pointing finger humor is boring to me. It’s no longer about the punchline or a simple fart joke, but rather you let yourself be applauded for your attitude.”

Müller can be seen as a participant in the Amazon format “LOL – Last One Laughing” from Thursday. Celebrities locked up there are supposed to make each other laugh – but even grinning is strictly forbidden. Anyone who does so will be thrown out.