Hollywood star Kevin Costner (69) raves about his newest addition to his family. “I’m already in love with this special guy,” the actor wrote on Instagram alongside photos of a young dog. In one picture he is holding the white puppy in his arms. Another shows Costner with a truck, surfboard and the dog.

He also posted a close-up of the animal looking into the camera with big big eyes. The actor didn’t reveal the dog’s name, but followers on Instagram were excited and offered suggestions, including names like Gus, Henry, Crash and Bobby.

Costner had already come out as a dog lover in the past and frequently posted photos of four-legged friends on social media. His private life made headlines last year when his wife Christine Baumgartner (49) filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage. They have two sons and a daughter together. Costner has four other children from previous relationships.

The actor, who most recently starred in the western drama series “Yellowstone”, wants to bring his long-standing passion project “Horizon: An American Saga” to cinemas this summer. He is on board as director, producer and leading actor in the western two-parter.