Actress Harriet Herbig-Matten (“Bibi and Tina”) had some experiences with toxic masculinity in her early 20s. “I have often come into contact with such men in my private life,” the Munich native told the German Press Agency. Toxic masculine usually refers to behavior patterns that are characterized by dominance and sometimes violence towards women.

In the new Amazon series “Maxton Hall”, Herbig-Matten plays the private school student Ruby, who is harassed by her extremely rich classmate James (Damian Hardung) – but still falls in love with him. “There were many scenes in the series in which James exerts power over Ruby. The feeling I felt during that time stayed with me long after filming. It was difficult to get rid of it.”

The six-part coming-of-age series, based on the “Save Me” novels by Mona Kasten, can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from Thursday.