The actor Gedeon Burkhard (“Kommissar Rex”) is in a threesome relationship with two women. “It’s a real threesome, not just sexual, but a balanced and deep connection in all aspects,” he said in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. He was “not the big zampano here who has two wives,” assured Burkhard.

His two friends Ann-Britt Dittmar and Sasha Veduta live with him in an old Berlin apartment – and of course the three share a bed. With a width of 1.80 meters, it is now too small. “That’s the next task that Gedeon has to do,” said Dittmar in an interview. But no matter how wide it gets: “Someone else doesn’t fit into bed,” the two friends made it clear.

According to Burkhard, his mother, the actress and voice actress Elisabeth von Molo, also lives in the apartment. “You can’t imagine that my mother, who wasn’t always so enthusiastic about my friends, then fell in love with both girls,” said Burkhard.