In the 90s, the Kelly Family was one of the most successful music groups in Germany. In an RTL interview, Patricia Kelly (54) looks back on this exciting time, in which the famous siblings won numerous prizes, but could hardly take a step without being besieged by numerous fans. In a conversation with presenter Annika Lau (44), she revealed that fame did lead to dangerous situations.

There were “actually bomb threats at concerts” and “a few other things”. The singer further describes in the program “Gala-TV”, which RTL shows on December 9th from 5:45 p.m.: “There were of course moments that were very, very difficult and especially in the 1990s, there were literally thousands of them Fans who were very young and pushed.” She remembers an impressive moment when the music group was sitting in the car: “And you just saw a sea of ​​hands and that was very scary, very, very frightening, but they were young girls who didn’t know what they were doing , and there were moments in the halls where such waves were created.”

She sometimes thought to herself: “Oh my God, is this all right?” The 54-year-old is still happy today that no one was seriously injured in the face of such mass scenes: “But thank God, nothing ever happened.”

The Kelly Family is one of the most famous families in Germany. She achieved her breakthrough in 1994 with the album “Over The Hump”. The then young brothers Angelo (41) and Paddy (46) in particular captured the hearts of fans and were teen stars. From the turn of the millennium things became quieter around the band, which partially broke up. Some family members started a solo career – including Patricia Kelly. In 2017, six members got back together and celebrated a big comeback.