Patricia Blanco (51) was asked the question of all questions by her partner Andreas Ellermann in an interview in August 2022. At the “Bild Red Night” the presenter made the daughter of Roberto Blanco (85) a marriage proposal – but she refused. The reason: The application was too unromantic. The 51-year-old still wants to step in front of the altar with her loved one and has now taken the application into her own hands.

In the “Olivia Jones Bar” in Hamburg, Blanco asked for the hand of her Andreas in front of around 80 other guests, as reported by “”. Drag queen Olivia Jones (52) announced the reality star on Saturday evening (November 5) shortly before the start of the show as a “special guest”. Blanco finally came on stage dressed as a travesty artist and with a pink butterfly wig.

“Dear Andreas, you know I have many faces and this side of glitz, glamor and show is deep in me,” quotes “” the 51-year-old. “This is how I envision a proposal, so I’m asking you, would you like to be my husband?”

Ellermann replied, therefore, somewhat surprised: “I have goosebumps, you look stunning!” However, he promptly accepted the request before he went on stage himself and gave his beloved a kiss. Blanco revealed to the “Bild” newspaper that she came up with the idea of ​​a drag performance “because there are many personalities in me”.

On Thursday (November 10th) and Friday (November 11th), RTL will broadcast Patricia Blanco’s drag queen appearance and marriage proposal on the show “Punkt 12”.