Patrice Aminati (28) and her husband, TV presenter Daniel Aminati (49), apparently enjoyed the past weekend to the fullest. On Instagram, they let their followers participate.

For three photos that show the two beaming in sportswear, she wrote on her account: “We” and added a red heart. He became clearer on his account: “Last night we were able to train together again… It’s admirable how, despite this illness and the exhausting last few weeks, my wife doesn’t lose her fighting spirit and stays ‘on’,” he praised.

Patrice and Daniel Aminati got married in April 2022, and their daughter Charly Malika was born in August 2022. At the beginning of March 2023, the young mother received the devastating diagnosis of black skin cancer. After an operation, she has to undergo a physically demanding therapy. From time to time she gives updates via social media in which she reports on the challenges.

The latest post is all the more gratifying. And in the associated stories, too, it deepens the positive impression. Because Patrice shows herself and her family, among other things, on a Sunday walk with raisin rolls. But she was probably happiest with what she commented on with “our first real walk” and a red heart. You can see in the clip how little Charly walks along a lake holding Dad’s hand.

After that, by the way, grandma took over and Patrice and Daniel treated themselves to a little wellness break. “We make ourselves beautiful,” wrote Patrice to another clip that shows the couple in white bathrobes drinking coffee in front of a rainy terrace.

The followers are beside themselves and write the joy of the soul: “It’s nice to see you both like this. How great you stick together in the difficult time,” says the comments, among other things. “More beautiful than ever,” writes another fan. “You are a role model for many people. Hats off to Patrice,” praises a user. “Keep staying strong. Better times are coming,” can also be read.