When going on a camping holiday, it is important to make do with small equipment. You usually leave the comfort at home and forego some habits. But does it really have to be that way? We want to make as few compromises as possible, especially when it comes to cooking and eating. With the right camping hacks and a few storage tips and tricks, you can prepare delicious meals – almost like you would at home. We have put together five tips on what needs to be on board and how little tricks can make our life easier when camping.

In order to be able to prepare food optimally and tasty when camping, you should have a basic set of camping equipment with you.

Camping stoves are usually operated with suitable gas cartridges and are light and space-saving. There are different models with one or two flames. Depending on how often and how elaborately warm cooking is required, there is a suitable model. We recommend choosing a stove with a case for optimal storage and ordering the right gas cartridges.

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Should you definitely end your exuberant camping days with a barbecue? No problem, because there are extra camping grills that are easy to handle and transport. Whether meat, fish or vegetables – meals sizzled over the fire taste twice as good. But be careful: there is often an acute risk of forest fires in summer. Gas grills can help here.

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You can quickly bake a few rolls for breakfast or even bake a small cake for the afternoon with a camping oven that is specially designed for camping adventures and can be used together with a gas stove. Dishes such as quiche or omelette can also be prepared quickly and easily.

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The day can start with a strengthening breakfast. If you don’t want to go without freshly toasted bread or rolls, you can use a simple and handy camping toaster that can be used on a gas stove or an open fire.

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A caffeine kick in the morning is a must, but should it be a tasty espresso? Then there are portable espresso machines for travel and outdoor adventures that quickly and easily make delicious coffee just like you would at home, without any batteries or electricity.

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Thermos cups are a must-have when camping because they not only keep drinks warm, but also nice and cool when needed.

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When camping there is often one thing that is particularly lacking: space. That’s why it’s essential to store food in a space-saving manner.

If you don’t want to carry liters of water with you when camping, you can use filter options for water treatment. This is not necessary on German campsites where there is water from the tap, but the further south or into the wilderness you go, the more important it becomes to treat water to drinking quality. There are simple and compact water filters that can be easily stored in your luggage and, thanks to the built-in filter system, prepare drinkable water in no time.

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If you choose a particularly compact camping stove with just one flame, you don’t have to miss out on delicious and complex meals. There are good one-pot recipes with pasta, couscous or rice and sauce with vegetables that can be optimally prepared on a small camping stove in just one pot.

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Nobody has to go without delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner when camping. With the right utensils and a few simple camping hacks, meals can be made in no time.

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