Comedian Otto Waalkes (74) is in the single charts for the first time with the single “Friesenjung”. He pushed a friend and colleague from the throne, Udo Lindenberg (76).

However, he turned out to be a good loser. He should also be able to feel the joy – he also conquered the top of the charts for the first time this year.

Lindenberg shared a photo on social media in which both musicians are sitting together on a couch and pointing at the camera. Lindenberg writes about emojis like hearts, flames, crowns, exclamation marks and more: “Grattu Soulbrother Otto yeah. Otto and Ski Aggu and Joost – Welcome up here at the top of the chart (stays in the family)”.

Otto and Lindenberg also have other artists to thank for their chart victory in old age: For Lindenberg’s hit single “Komet”, he teamed up with Apache 207 (25).

Otto’s number 1 hit is a collaboration with the Berlin rapper Ski Aggu (19) and the Dutch musician Joost (25). They turned Otto’s “Friesenjung”, which is based on the melody of Sting’s (71) “Englishman In New York”, into an over-the-top techno version with beats and rap.

The musical rejuvenation of the classic also seems to reach Otto. “Bild” quotes him as saying: “It makes you young again, it’s very refreshing. I’ve always been in the charts with my LPs, but never with a single.”