Usually, the greats of the film world who have died in the past few months are honored at the Oscars in an “In Memoriam” segment. At the 95th Academy Awards this year, several important actors were forgotten in a commemorative video – including Paul Sorvino (1939-2022), who died last July. His daughter, Mira Sorvino (55), was “incredibly offended,” she writes on Instagram.

Paul Sorvino has been seen in many productions for decades and is known, among other things, from Martin Scorsese’s (80) mafia classic “GoodFellas”. He died last June at the age of 83. Mira Sorvino, herself an Oscar winner, initially spoke warmly to the social media platform.

She is happy for all colleagues who were nominated or won a golden boy, but it is also moving in a thousand different ways, “when I think of the night I won my Academy Award with my dad, the great actor Paul Sorvino, who was never nominated”. In 1996 she was awarded “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in “Aphrodite Beloved”.

Her father was her “first and best teacher”, who attended all her school performances and loved him from the bottom of his heart. At that time she was able to give back with the Oscar “what he had given me all his life – love, conviction, admiration and gratitude”. It was a “bittersweet but beautiful memory, I love you, dad, I miss you so much.”

Sorvino later edited the Instagram post, however, because when she posted the post, she had not yet learned of her father’s absence and that of other actors and actresses in the “In Memoriam” video. “I am incredibly hurt and shocked that my father’s lifelong, irreplaceable, huge contribution to the world of cinema […] has been overlooked.” His family, who adore him, and the public know “how unique and incredible” their father was. The family hopes the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will make things right.

In addition to Sorvino, Anne Heche (1969-2022), who died in August 2022 after a car accident, and actress Charlbi Dean (1990-2022), who died at the age of only 32, were not mentioned.