Podcast host Alexandra Cooper probably couldn’t believe her ears. In her talk format, she elicited several very intimate details from Gwyneth Paltrow from her love life.

Paltrow decided to speak to Cooper because her own daughter, Apple Martin, is a big fan of the presenter. And so the two women talked as if they had known each other for years. When asked about her exes with Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, Paltrow dropped all her inhibitions and got candid.

Cooper wanted to know first who could kiss better. Both were good, replied the entrepreneur. But then Cooper got even more direct. Who was better in bed? Paltrow laughed, thought for a moment, and then said, “Brad was the love of my life at the time, and Ben was technically excellent.” A very diplomatic response that made Cooper laugh. “I can’t believe my daughter is going to hear this,” Paltrow laughed. “God bless J.Lo and everything she gets over there,” Cooper said, referring to Affleck’s wife, singer Jennifer Lopez.

Pitt and Paltrow met on the set of the 1994 psychological thriller Seven. They caused a sensation with their appearances on the red carpets of many events. The engagement followed in 1996, a year later the two separated. “In hindsight, I had a lot to do to develop. In many ways, I didn’t really start expressing myself fully until I was 40. And I had a problem trying to please everyone. I didn’t once really understood how to listen to my instincts and act from that vantage point,” Paltrow said of her relationship with Pitt.

The separation kept her busy later. “I remember the first time I saw him was giving a speech at the Oscars, a year after I won. I walked out and I was so aware that he was there and I was like, ‘ Oh my god this is so scary and so embarrassing,'” she revealed.

In the early 2000s, the former actress met her children’s father, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. But it almost didn’t come to a date, as she said. “I was so depressed. I said, this is crazy, this Coldplay boy asked me to go to his concert,” she said. She wanted to cancel because she was in bad mental shape. A friend then convinced her to go. It was the first time she smiled after her father’s death.

The two married in 2003 and had children Apple and Moses. The divorce followed in 2016, but there was never a war of roses. And so the answer to another of Cooper’s piquant questions was unequivocal. The presenter wanted to know which ex-lover Paltrow would marry, who they would kill, and who she would sleep with again. She responded by marrying Martin again, sleeping with Pitt and killing Affleck – despite his “technical excellence”.

With her performance on “Call Her Daddy,” Paltrow proved that she’s an expert at keeping the conversation going.

Quelle: “Call Her Daddy”

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