Translated, jumpsuit means nothing other than “jump suit” – as it is a continuous cut, i.e. the top and bottom are firmly sewn together. For this reason they are also called onesie. Admittedly, this fact makes any one-piece suit a more than impractical item of clothing when you need to go to the toilet. Nevertheless, many women accept this weakness because jumpsuits are one thing above all: comfortable. This applies to airy models in summer as well as cozy onesies in winter. We present different models to you.

If you want to create a casual outfit for your free time, the best way to do this is with a short-sleeved onesie in combination with sneakers and a denim jacket. In the warm summer months, airy, light materials (e.g. cotton blends or jersey fabrics) are particularly comfortable to wear, especially linen on hot days. Also popular this year are floral patterns, strapless models and overalls with short legs and thin spaghetti straps – in combination with strappy sandals.

There are also elegant jumpsuits for festive occasions (such as a wedding or company party): whether black or blue, red or gray – you can’t go wrong with a plain-colored model. One-piece suits made of flowing fabrics such as silk or viscose look particularly chic. In combination with glittering sequins or lace applications you will be an eye-catcher. High heels or peep-toes would go well with this. If you prefer flat shoes, ballerina flats or wedge sandals would also work.

The practical thing about jumpsuits is that they are suitable for every body type. There are models with short and long legs, with short and long sleeves, with high and deep necklines (front and back), wide and thin straps – in short, there is a suitable cut for pretty much every woman:

Short women often have a short upper body, so jumpsuits with a short cut are particularly suitable here. This makes the arms appear longer, but alternatively they can also be rolled up slightly. Above all, make sure that the waistband sits as high as possible so that the legs look longer. High shoes further emphasize the effect.

Don’t: Avoid loose cuts as they will compress your body.

Tall women can wear wide cuts particularly well, even if they are a little more figure-hugging if they want to skilfully showcase their body. If you would like to visually stretch your legs further, a combination of jumpsuit, waist belt and high shoes is a good idea. If you want to do the opposite, patterned models and flat shoes are recommended.

Curvy women can also wear jumpsuits well. If you want to hide your stomach, the top should be a little looser than the pants and have a pattern. If, on the other hand, you want to distract from your legs, the trousers should be slightly flared – and the upper body should be tight. The buttocks and hips are flattered with loose models. Jumpsuits with a wrap look stretch the figure.

Slim women with a petite figure are particularly good at wearing jumpsuits that contain little extras such as fringes, flounces or ruffles. They conjure up feminine curves – the same applies to models with a waist belt or flared legs. And here too, onesies with a wrap look are recommended as they emphasize the body in all the right places.

Depending on the materials a jumpsuit is made from, you need to be careful when washing it – so that the fabric doesn’t warp or even shrink. With the following care tips you will be on the safe side:

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