Success for the star at the Munich Media Days. The morning podcast “Today Important”, produced together with RTL, ntv and the AudioAlliance, was awarded the Hanns Seidel Prize.

The format, moderated by Michel Abdollahi, received the award in the Podcast category for Political Influencers on Social Media. The Hanns-Seidel-Foundation honors informative, factual and exciting individual contributions that inspire interest in politics and reach mostly young people in the most diverse social media platforms.

“A sequence from the first hours of the Ukraine war was submitted. In retrospect, incredibly oppressive, impressive and depressing voices, original sounds, live atmosphere,” said Jonas Schützeneder, and professor at the Institute for Journalism at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, said in his eulogy. “Not only does the balancing act between information and entertainment succeed, but this project also tries to set media-educational incentives. Time and again it is pointed out how important it is to work with good sources and to obtain information from many sources. And to question at the same time.”

Representing the entire “Today Important” editorial team, Isa von Heyl, Mirjam Bittner and Laura Csapó from stern and Dimitri Blinski from RTL accepted the award in Munich.

“Today important” appears Monday to Friday and reports on the most important topics of the day from society, politics, economy, entertainment and initiates debates.

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