Daniela Katzenberger is still struggling with health problems. The cat now showed on Instagram how bad the TV star is doing. The cat, who actually wants to enjoy the sunshine on Mallorca at the moment, has been fighting a stubborn cold for a few days. It was only on Tuesday that she reported her severe sore throat: “Last night it beamed me around.” Her cough feels like someone is stabbing her in the throat with a knife. The desired recovery overnight probably did not materialize. “Can’t do it anymore,” she wrote about a photo from the doctor’s room that shows her with an infusion in her arm.

The fact that she is still ill is extremely unfavorable for Katzenberger. “I have to get fit. My camera team is coming on Friday,” she explained to her followers. She didn’t want to cancel the shooting dates for her documentary soap “Daniela Katzenberger: Familienglück auf Mallorca” again. “We have to finish the season,” complained Lucas Cordalis’ wife in pain. In addition, she is now bored of lying in bed all day: “I have to do my stuff.”

How good that you can rely on your mother Iris Klein during this difficult time. She came by on Tuesday and gave her lozenges and medicine. “She’s such an angel,” the cat said gratefully.

However, things are not easy for Klein at the moment, according to her daughter. The affair drama about her husband Peter Klein is very difficult for her. “I have to pick her up a bit. It’s not that easy for her either, now all alone. She’s doing really well […] But then she still has a lot of moments when she breaks down,” says Katzenberger further. She would often feel helpless because she didn’t know what to say to her mother in such moments.

It was only in February that Daniela Katzenberger addressed the fuss surrounding the marriage crisis of her mother and stepfather on Instagram. “It sounds really mean, but to be honest, I can’t make their marital problems my problems,” she honestly admitted at the time. She just wanted to “stay out of it”. On Tuesday, she added that she wasn’t “angry with him [Peter Klein]” but with the general situation her mother is in: “No one deserves that.”