Oliver Pocher (45) and Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Wölden (40) are recording the sixth edition of their podcast “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled” (exclusively on Podimo) at home. Meyer-Wölden first points out her “small downgrade” with a smile: Compared to the recording of the previous podcast episode in front of a sold-out crowd in Cologne’s “Gloria,” she is now “in the closet” again. With regard to the appearance in front of an audience in Cologne, Pocher noted: He now has to “deal with the fact that the podcast fans sometimes find his ex-wife funnier than what I do.” But: “In 180 podcasts you will screw it up,” says Pocher. “And then I can kick you out again and continue with Amira.” Meyer-Wölden definitely tasted blood when it came to recording the podcast with Oliver Pocher.

Pocher and Meyer-Wölden watched Thomas Gottschalk’s (73) last “Wetten Dass..?” show together on the sofa, like in the good old days. Pocher says about the little verbal argument between Gottschalk and Shirin David (28): “The TikTok community celebrated it afterwards.” Motto: But she showed it to the “old white man”. Meyer-Wölden calls for “more down-to-earthness and respect.” And Pocher also breaks a big lance for his show colleague: “Thomas Gottschalk has shaped five decades of entertainment, he is a legend. You don’t have to say ‘old white man’. Shirin David has now played an arena tour with him six concerts. And she is a millionaire on TikTok. But being a millionaire on TikTok is like being a millionaire in Monopoly. And if Shirin David is still there in 30 years and has such success, then everything is wonderful.”

Both also talk about Meyer-Wölden’s appearance on “Wetten Dass…?” – as a six-year-old as part of a children’s choir that accompanied Placido Domingo (82): “Back then we sang a modern version of ‘We are the Champions’. We had pompoms in our hands. And you can see me there, like the child next to me pushing me all the time and I in turn pushing the child away all the time.” Her appearances were made possible by her father Axel Meyer-Wölden, “THE media lawyer and creator in Germany in the 80s and 90s,” as Pocher praises.

Then they both discuss the outcome of the Gil Ofarim (41) case from last week. After a trial that lasted several weeks, the singer admitted that he had made up the anti-Semitism allegations against a hotel employee in Leipzig. Meyer-Wölden knows Ofarim from the tennis court in Munich: “We played all the Munich championship tournaments at the same time. So I’ve known him since I was a child. What happened in court can’t be beaten.” Pocher added: “To come up with this anti-Semitism act and blame it on his Jewish star… I didn’t buy it for a second.” Meyer-Wölden asks himself: “What will become of someone like that now?” Pocher’s opinion: “The next few years are over now. But no matter how hard I treat Gil, I’m not in favor of canceling him now. He can also appear again. The thing backfired. But people forget.”

By the way, the next edition of the joint podcast is planned for Valentine’s Day 2024. Pocher is of the opinion: “The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is with your girlfriend or your ex.” Meyer-Wölden then wants to know: “Am I your official Valentine’s date then?” Newly single Oliver Pocher teases his ex-wife: “It’s not like you have other options.” But she replies dryly: “Not at the moment, but maybe we’ll set up a Tinder account for me.”