During his playing days, Oliver Kahn (53) was only the unshakeable Titan on the outside. The former world-class goalkeeper and current chairman of FC Bayern Munich has often spoken publicly about burnout and depression when playing. Now he followed up with his therapist Florian Holsboer (77) in the podcast “Everything just in the head” and became quite specific. He found the monkey noises and the banana throws of the fans in opposing stadiums to be “humiliating”.

These events contributed to him seeking medical treatment during his career to deal with burnout and depression. At a very specific scene he was almost broken: In the World Cup final Germany against Brazil, the otherwise outstanding Kahn made a serious mistake when he was unable to hold on to a shot by Rivaldo (50). Ronaldo (46) grabbed the ball and scored the crucial 1-0 in the 67th minute.

“Two billion people watched me fail,” Kahn said of the scene. A combination of shame, his extreme ambition, the ever-increasing pressure to succeed coupled with sporting failures – such as the lost Champions League final in 1999 against Manchester United – would have made him despair at the time. With the help of Holsboer he was able to work his way out of his low. He was looking for a way in his job to “develop new resilience”.

Kahn spoke for the first time in 2017 in a TV show about his former mental problems, a little later in a book and in 2021 in detail in the documentary “FC Bayern – Behind the Legend”: “Depression, burnout, those are all things that happen somewhere play together. When you can’t get up your own stairs at home without falling over exhausted, then you start to worry.”