Fans have been hoping for news from *NSYNC regarding tour and music comeback for weeks. Now there is actually a real boy band sensation that should also please Backstreet Boys fans: Joey Fatone (46) and AJ McLean (45) are going on tour together.

As “Page Six” has learned exclusively from an insider, the *NSYNC singer and the Backstreet Boy star will start their concert series in March and “sing all of their hits and different styles of music – pop and rock”.

This isn’t the first time Fatone and McLean have teamed up. The two have been friends for more than 20 years. Last fall, McLean performed as part of the “Joey Fatone

The anonymous source further adds about the pop stars’ bond: “They are both girls’ dads and can identify with the careers they have had and still have.”

While AJ McLean has continued to tour with the Backstreet Boys for years, *NSYNC fans have been longing for a return. The group disbanded in 2002. The boy band announced their comeback in 2023. But only for a song for the animated film “Troll”. “Better Place” was released on September 29th, two weeks earlier the band appeared on stage together for the first time in around ten years – but only to win Best Pop for superstar Taylor Swift (34) at the MTV Video Music Awards to hand over the award.

This was followed by another joint promotional appearance at the “Troll” world premiere and a few interviews. But Justin Timberlake (42), JC Chasez (47), Lance Bass (44), Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick (52) never tired of emphasizing that no further music was planned for the time being. In December, Fatone indicated that there were ongoing discussions about new *NSYNC projects.