Britain’s King Charles has redistributed a number of honorary military titles in his family. For example, the 74-year-old now takes over several posts that his late mother held.

This includes patronage for the warship “HMS Queen Elizabeth”, as announced by Buckingham Palace. Heir to the throne Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, each take on three new honorary titles.

“The new appointments will reflect the close relationship between the Armed Forces and the Royal Family also during His Majesty’s reign,” the palace said. The titles are distributed to “working members” of the royal family, i.e. members with official tasks. Prince Harry is no longer part of it since his retirement.

Two honorary posts were redistributed by Prince Andrew. Charles’ brother had had his honorary military titles revoked for his involvement in an abuse scandal. The post of Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm is now to be taken over by Kate, as the British news agency PA revealed, Duchess Sophie will become Colonel-in-Chief at the Royal Irish Regiment. Kate also takes titles from her husband and father-in-law.