US singer Aaron Carter (1987-2022) died in November last year. The little brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter (43) tragically passed away far too early at the age of only 34. In an interview with “ETOnline”, Nick Carter has now offered an insight into his emotional life and that of the Carter family.

“It was definitely tough for me and my family,” said the 43-year-old in the interview. Aaron’s death was “processed to this day by the Carters. I don’t think we’ll ever really get over it.”

But there is also a trace of optimism in the statements about the tragic accidental death of his brother. According to Nick Carter, the family is “trying to find ways to deal with this truly tragic situation.” Among other things, they are involved in a foundation that wants to help children with mental and emotional health problems in the USA.

Nick’s brother Aaron Carter was found dead in the bathtub of his Lancaster, California home on November 5, 2022. After the official police investigation was completed, his death was ruled an accident. Carter drowned from the effects of ingested tranquilizers and inhaled gas.

It is said that alprazolam was found in his body. The drug is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. In addition, difluoroethane was detected in him – a gas that “can cause feelings of euphoria when inhaled,” as was further reported.

At the beginning of his music career around the turn of the millennium, Aaron Carter was initially overshadowed by his much more successful brother and Backstreet Boys member Nick. However, this changed by the beginning of the 2000s at the latest. With the release of his second studio album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” he celebrated great success.

Later, however, the singer repeatedly made negative headlines with drug escapades and made his ongoing health problems public. In September 2019, he declared that he suffered from multiple personality disorders, schizophrenia and acute anxiety, and also stated that he was manic-depressive.