Pietro Lombardi (30) has another tattoo with a meaningful motif. Now his wrists are adorned with the names and birthdays of both his sons. “Alessio June 19, 2015. Leano January 8, 2023. My life, I will love you forever,” the singer writes in a short clip that shows the creation of the tattoo for son Leano, the tattoo for his first-born Alessio (7) completed. To make this clear, Lombardi holds his wrists together at the end of the camera. “My two boys forever,” he wrote in an Instagram Story, where he also posted the short video from the tattoo parlor.

His partner Laura Maria, Leano’s mother, is enthusiastic in the comments column and leaves some heart-eyed emojis under the video. Other members of the Instagram community also like the new motif on Lombardi’s skin. “What a declaration of love”, “It turned out really well” or “So beautiful” is commented on. In addition, some of them discover a special detail of the tattoo. “And an L for Laura, how cute,” enthuses a user. In fact, a small L was immortalized in the skin above the Leano lettering.

Lombardi and girlfriend Laura Maria confirmed on Instagram in January that they had become parents. “Welcome home, Leano Romeo,” the couple wrote for a picture in which they hold their son and the singer kisses his fiancee. Lombardi also published a clip in which his son Alessio, who comes from the singer’s previous marriage to Sarah Engels (30), meets his little brother for the first time and lovingly covers the baby.

“My two boys,” enthused Papa Pietro in the comment box. And further: “The most beautiful moment in my life, I love you, Alessio was the first visit three days after [the] birth, I will never forget this moment.” Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria have been engaged since last October. In August, they announced that they were expecting a child together.

In September 2020, Lombardi dedicated another emotional tattoo to his son Alessio. It is a picture of a teddy bear, half covered and with a chain and a cross around its neck. Above it is: “In your chest, a fighter’s heart beats.” This means his son, who had to be operated on shortly after birth due to a heart defect. Luckily, the teddy was “Alessio’s guardian angel in all his operations,” explained the singer on Instagram.

“Today all the difficult days are over and I think Alessio and I were a great team,” wrote Lombardi from the point of view of the artwork on his skin. The line “In your chest, a fighter’s heart beats” comes from Lombardi’s song “Fighter’s Heart”, which he had previously dedicated to his son.