Things immediately got raunchy. At the start of the new season of “Sommerhaus der Stars”, the celebrity couples didn’t waste their time and got started straight away. Above all, reality queen Claudia Obert (61) and partner Max Suhr (25). The trash-hardened entrepreneur’s recipe for success: “Good to eat, good to wear, good shoes and a good bunga-bunga three times a day.” Her “private secretary” (Obert) – open white shirt and business administration hairstyle – giggles, half in agreement, half in pique. While they are still undisturbed, Max and Claudia try out various beds to determine their sexual suitability with dry runs.

Claudia Obert once again delivers what you would expect from her: funny and arrogant sayings, delivered in a not even unsympathetic gesture. And a display of sex that is otherwise only known from male rappers. So over-the-top that it almost seems ironic.

After the self-proclaimed “loving couple of the year,” things go down a few shelves, at least as far as celebrity status is concerned. “Who are they anyway?”, Maurice Dziwak anticipates the reaction of the roommates – and viewers. According to RTL, he and partner Ricarda “Ricky” Raatz met on “Are You The One?” know.

When Maurice and Ricky arrive, Claudia is lying on the garden couch. Max works on her – so concentrated that they apparently don’t hear the newcomers. This only goes down well with them and strengthens their underdog pride.

Next up are Valentina Doronina and Can Kaplan. She is known from various formats, which she thankfully has tattooed on her left upper arm. The entrepreneur Can is only known from Valentina’s stories on “Celebrity Big Brother”. His parents didn’t approve of the relationship, it was said at the time.

Tim Toupet and Carina Crone. He is a pop star on Ballermann, she would like to be. But songs like “SUV” (Drinking and Fucking) have not yet had the success they had hoped for. This constellation is certainly a good basis for a relationship on equal terms…

Jungle King ex-wife Justine Dippl and Arben Zekic: Anyone who thought that the level of popularity of commercially available trash TV plants could be undercut is wrong. She is the ex-wife of “DSDS” star and jungle king Joey Heindle. And he: “I’m just the friend.” He is a bus driver by profession. At least someone with a decent job in the summer house.

Aleksandar “Aleks” Petrovic and Vanessa Nwattu met on “Temptation Island”. Or rather, she wooed him away from his girlfriend at the time, in keeping with the concept of the show. Pia Tillmann and participant Zico Banach (met on the set of “Köln 50667”). He was also on “Bachelor in Paradise”.

After the beds are distributed, the last duo arrives. The stand-up festivals. Eric Stehfest is a former “GZSZ” actor, “Fighter for Love” and “King of the World” (self-assessment). His wife Edith is a singer. Visually, they can hardly be distinguished thanks to their partner look and identical tattoos.

The first conflict emerges around the campfire. Aleks – the one from “Temptation Island”, remember – once publicly disinvited Valentina from an event. Their friend Can demands an apology, which Aleks refuses.

In the first game, as expected, the couples tear each other apart. The partners have to complete a course on two bicycles tied together with ropes and answer questions in between. What is Coq au Vin? “A penis from Vienna!”

Tim Toupet particularly stands out, constantly picking on his Carina, who admittedly isn’t doing particularly well either. There is almost a separation between Valentina and Can. She cries because he doesn’t trust her to have the coq au vin. Can not only cancels the game, but also threatens to withdraw from the entire broadcast. “If you leave, I’ll break up,” Valentina gives him an ultimatum. With success. Can puts the microphone that was torn down and puts it back on.

Pia/Zico and Justine/Arben are the only couples to successfully complete the course. Pia and Zico were faster and are therefore safe from being nominated. She threatens Valentina and Can. They received the most negative votes in the first mood picture, namely three.