In November 2022, Rebel Wilson’s first child, girl Royce Lillian, was born with the help of a surrogate mother. Shortly after conception, at the beginning of the year, Rebel Wilson met her partner Ramona Agruma. After only two months of getting to know each other, Wilson had to admit that she would become a mother in the same year. By then, the surrogate had entered the second trimester, which is usually less risky for miscarriage than the first.

In the radio show “Pick up”, the 42-year-old now revealed that it was not the first pregnancy. Before she became pregnant, she and her daughter had tried to have a child carried to term by a surrogate mother, but the first attempt failed. Unfortunately, she miscarried, she openly told the show’s hosts Britt, Laura and Mitch.

Wilson also shared with the audience the experience of finding the right donor in a sperm bank. She looked through many pictures of potential donors as children and as adults. She also studied the respective genetic history of the donors. The seed bank also gave her the opportunity to hear the voice through voice recordings: “It was really interesting to hear how they answered certain questions,” says the actress.

But the database was large and someone gave her a helping hand in finding the right donor: “I had something like a sperm concierge who searched all the members of the ‘sperm shop’ with me and then gave me the ten best ones met my criteria,” says Wilson.

According to the news portal “Page Six”, Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma also got engaged in the fall. A wedding and more children could follow in the future.

Quelle:  Daily Mail, Pick Up, Page Six