Wars have always influenced the work of German artist Anselm Kiefer. “Since I’ve been able to work, since I read the news, you have to realize: There is always war,” said the 78-year-old to the dpa in Berlin.

“There has always been war in the world. There is actually no time without war. And now it has become even more… But there has always been war.” Kiefer – who repeatedly deals with history and the legacy of the Second World War in Germany in his works – said when asked whether contemporary history and current war events also influenced his artistic work: “Yes, of course.”

Poetic film in 3D

On Sunday evening he presented his documentary film “Anselm – The Rushing of Time” with director Wim Wenders in Berlin. It’s about Kiefer’s life and work. Wenders accompanied him for over two years. The result is a poetic film in 3D that deals with German history as well as mythology and religion. Kiefer has become world famous with his historical, monumental and material-rich paintings and sculptures.

Kiefer’s life is told without him being interviewed. Wenders stages his works of art in detail, shows him at work and traces his stages in life and places of work in Germany and France. At a young age, Kiefer was played by his son Daniel and Wender’s great-nephew Anton. “Anselm – The Rushing of Time” can be seen in cinemas from October 12th.