The extremely popular and successful teen series “Sex Education” is back on Netflix. The eight episodes from season four will appear in one go on September 21st. Unfortunately, the progressive comedy series also ends with the current edition. Because some of the actors in “Sex Education” have become big stars through the show and are devoting themselves to new projects in the future. Also, no one can stay 17 forever.

The former Moordale students around sex therapist Otis (Asa Butterfield, 26), his best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa, 30) and the lovable Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood, 29) experience a real culture shock at the beginning of the new episodes: After After their school was closed at the end of the previous series, they start over at the extremely progressive Cavendish Sixth Form College.

The conditions there are almost paradisiacal for the students: daily mediations, sound baths and yoga classes are offered at the school, which is built entirely around sustainability. Cavendish is a gossip-free zone where mental health is valued. To Otis’ horror, there is already a practicing sex therapist there, Sarah “O” Owen (Thaddea Graham, 26). Competition is inevitable here.

Meanwhile, the highly intelligent Maeve (Emma Mackey, 27) is attending the renowned Wallace University in the USA. She takes a creative writing course with successful writer Thomas Molloy (Dan Levy, 40) and dreams of a literary career. Meanwhile, Otis longs for his true love from afar. The long-distance relationship between the two characters is difficult.

Most of the familiar acting ensemble from “Sex Education” returns for season four. In addition to those already mentioned, former “X-Files” and “The Crown” star Gillian Anderson (55) as Otis’ mother Jean Milburn, Connor Swindells (27) as Adam and Mimi Keene (25) as Ruby are also taking part . In addition to “Schitt’s Creek” star Levy, Anthony Lexa as Abbi, Felix Mufti as Roman and Alexandra James as Aisha are new to the cast. They form the so-called coven, the most popular group at the new Cavendish school. Her attitude is very different from former Moordale Queen Ruby. Because Abbi’s motto in life is: “Community comes before being mean.”

A look at the cast list of the Netflix series also suggests why “Sex Education” will probably end with the current fourth season: Numerous ensemble members have become big stars as a result of the popular production. Maeve actress Mackey, Eric actor Gatwa and Connor Swindells, who plays Adam, were all in front of the camera this year for Greta Gerwig’s (40) enormously successful “Barbie” film.

Mackey, who is likely to have a big acting career, also appeared in Kenneth Branagh’s (62) “Death on the Nile”, while Gatwa became the 15th “Doctor Who” in Great Britain. Simone Ashley (28), who is no longer there in season four, switched to the Netflix series “Bridgerton”. There she played the new female lead in the second season, which has already been released.

“Sex Education” star Emma Mackey described the Netflix series to “Total Film” as a “launching pad” and “something that opened up possibilities for us in different ways.” But she added: “We play 17-year-olds, and we’re all almost 30.” That’s why Mackey now wants to exit the series “dignifiedly.”

The Netflix series “Sex Education” is also completely convincing in the new, fourth season. The Cavendish School introduces an exciting, fresh setting populated by complex characters such as the unconventional couple Abbi and Roman. Once again, the sex-positive teen show presents a whole range of sexual preferences, fetishes, experiences and identities that viewers may not even know about.

The puberty and relationship problems that are already familiar from the series still have their place. Despite the new characters and settings, the well-known, familiar characters such as Maeve, Otis or his sex therapist mother Jean are the most captivating. At the beginning of the new season, Otis and Maeve struggle through their difficult long-distance relationship before their love reaches a highly emotional, dramatic climax in the big series finale.

Showrunner Laurie Nunn (37) and her team find a lot of humor in everyday situations – as they have done so far in the series – and tell their characters’ stories with endless heart and empathy.