Anniversary for Klaus J. Behrendt (63) and Dietmar Bär (63): In Cologne, the shooting for “Tatort: ​​This time it’s different” has just started. It is the 90th case for the popular investigator duo Ballauf and Schenk.

For Max Ballauf (Behrendt) everything is different this time. The lone wolf is newly in love. Nicola Koch is the lucky one, the editor of the city magazine “Cologne Alive”. However, colleague Freddy Schenk (Bear) does not believe that the relationship is anything permanent. He suspects another casual affair. But Ballauf is certain: “It’s different this time”.

A fight ensues between Ballauf and Schenk because the crushed cop isn’t fully involved in the current investigation. When there is a connection between Nicola Koch and her case, it becomes explosive.

A man was murdered at a dubious meeting point under a bridge – intentionally run over. During their investigations, Ballauf and Schenk learn that the dead man apparently blackmailed celebrities on a larger scale. He searched for compromising material via social media. A first clue leads the inspectors to the former pop singer Mariella Rosanelli, who now runs a youth center.

The anniversary event has several top-class female guest stars to offer. Jenny Schily (55) embodies Ballauf’s love interest Nicola Koch. Leslie Malton (64) plays the suspicious pop singer. Juliane Köhler (57) can be seen in another supporting role.

There is no broadcast date for “Tatort: ​​This time it’s different”.