Laurits is one of the most interesting characters in the series “Ragnarok”. At the beginning of the first season, he moves to the fictional Norwegian town of Edda with his brother Magne and his mother Turid. In the course of the episodes, he not only learns what his real father’s name is, but also that he is the reincarnation of the Norse demigod Loki.

He also discovers his homosexuality and enters into a relationship with snack bar employee Jens. But there is also a scene that made Laurits actor Jonas Strand Gravli almost despair, as he revealed in an interview with the “Promiflash” site.

“The biggest difficulties this season were all the scenes that I had at the fjord alone with the snake.” He treats the Midgard Serpent, who was once his tapeworm, as his child on the show. He gets her groceries and says phrases like “Mom is sad today” as the snake begins to eat hikers from the area.

But the monster was only animated later using CGI technology, so the 31-year-old only conducted his conversations with a marker in the water. Not so easy, he thinks.

But he is particularly enthusiastic about the story and his character. “I think there are many differences between me and my role.” He wanted to create a character “who has a lot of humor and with whom the audience can develop sympathy, even if they sometimes make the wrong decisions”. In his opinion, Laurits is “the perfect anti-hero”.

He found the shooting mostly enriching, he still learned a lot about the old sagas: “I think I know even more about it now because of the research I did for the series. And I just love all the myths and Tales of Norse mythology.”

Source: “Promiflash”