“Bridgerton” is considered one of the most successful series on the streaming provider Netflix and this year there is more: the third season of the romance novel adaptations, which fans are eagerly awaiting, starts in May. A first trailer now shows what viewers can look forward to.

Each season focuses on the love story of one of the noble Bridgerton siblings. This time it’s the turn of Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), who has a good friend in the inconspicuous Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). She is considered a wallflower and has longed for Colin from afar in previous seasons – but her love was not reciprocated. That’s exactly what should change now. In the trailer you can see Penelope looking for a man – and thus making Colin think. The foretaste is well received by the fans.

Because in the second season, the makers of the Netflix show had already managed to make the new main roles particularly shine. At that time, Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton transformed from a supporting role to an attractive main character. That’s exactly what fans are excited about when they first look at season three: “The ‘glow up’ is amazing,” is raved in the comments online. One detail in particular causes delight: “Penelope looks simply breathtaking in the green dress!”, it says on YouTube and on Instagram the outfit was immediately dubbed the “revenge dress”.

What is missing so far? The sex scenes that “Bridgerton” is infamous for. In the trailer, Luke Newton aka Colin can be seen briefly shirtless, but fans can be sure that the series will remain revealing as usual. “I think we won the sexiness competition,” Coughlan revealed on a recent talk show. When filming the intimate scenes, it helped that she and Newton had known each other for so long. Millions of fans will soon be able to watch the result on Netflix: the first part of the new season will be released on May 16th and part two on June 13th.