Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi have an excellent understanding of glamour. Princess Caroline of Hanover’s son and daughter-in-law have traveled to India to attend an extravagant fashion show in Mumbai. The couture label Dior had invited to the metropolis to present its women’s collection for the coming autumn. The 37-year-old and her husband, who is two years younger, posed politely in front of a photo wall with label lettering and a gloomy natural landscape. Beatrice shone in her shiny bright pink crop top and bubble skirt look. Pierre, on the other hand, had opted for a pant suit in shimmering gold.

The trick with these looks, however, was in the detail: Beatrice’s stomach shimmered between the top and skirt. And Pierre had unbuttoned his white shirt so far that his chest hair came out. Sexy!

The Casiraghis were particularly glamorous just a week ago at the renowned Rose Ball in Monaco. The parents of two sons posed there together with other members of the royal family. The evening is hosted each year by Prince Albert and his older sister Princess Caroline. Therefore, her children should not be missing on the red carpet.

As usual, Princess Charlène, who has not attended the event for years, was absent that evening. Nevertheless, there were murmurs in the press about her absence. However, the palace had issued a statement shortly before, denying rumors of separation about the royal couple. Charlène’s own big event is coming up in the summer: she accompanies her husband at the Red Cross Ball and usually opens the dance with him as well. It seems as if the princess and her sister-in-law have shared the glamor events at home. Meanwhile, the younger Grimaldis and Casiraghis are welcome guests on red carpets around the world.