During the production of his latest album, the musician Herbert Grönemeyer also felt the weight of increasing years. “The pressure on me with this album was enormous. I think that’s also the drama of old age, that the felt pressure is increasing,” said the 66-year-old of the German Press Agency in Berlin.

“So also the demands on yourself. Because of course you’re quite afraid that you’ll find out for yourself: You can’t think of anything anymore. That’s the biggest delusion you find yourself in, whether it’s musical, especially lyrically, because of course you’ve probably already done every rhyme four thousand times.” Grönemeyer leaves room for such thoughts on his album “Das ist los”, which will be released on Friday (March 24th). “When you see the beauty of life, it’s always easy to think about what finiteness it has to do with. That’s also present in many songs.”

The topic occupies him with a view to his birthday on April 12th. “I’ll be 67. I haven’t been on stage for four years,” said Grönemeyer. “Of course it would be a lie to say that you don’t deal with age.” One reason is his artistic work. “Especially when you work in this pop world, in this creative world, and you think about it, do you get any further? Do you still have something to tell? Not just lyrically, also musically? Is everything still relevant? Is it exciting or are you repeating yourself himself?” In such contexts, he also thinks about his age, said the musician.