From his point of view, pop singer Wincent Weiss (“Feuerwerk”, “Let’s stay”) could have made a career as a teacher. “I think I would be a good teacher. I always thought my teachers were super cool back then. I’m still in contact with my class teacher today and go and have a beer with him when I’m in Lübeck,” Weiss told the German Press Agency .

“I’d be that kind of buddy that everyone looks forward to and then becomes teacher of the year. For me, everything has to be about competition. I want to be teacher of the year too.”

The 30-year-old completed several internships in kindergartens during his school days. After a casting at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” at the age of 19, he then decided on a career as a musician. Weiss is currently supervising young talents in the Sat.1 music show “The Voice Kids”.